USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-11: For The Week Ending 22 February 2015: USAFL Season Preview Week 3/ Part 9 of the Season Preview Series

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Good evening, everyone…

As we prepare for the final part of the Season Preview series, here’s our show for this week:

Segment One: AFL News from Lisa Albergo

Lisa will be on for AFL News from the past week and getting things set for the AFL Week 1.

Segment Two: NAB Challenge

Recaps of the NAB Challenge from the weekend and final notes from the Challenge.

Segment Three: AFL Predictions for the Season

All of USAFLWR team (Lisa, Stephen and I) will go down the teams and will see who will take the Premiers.

Segment Four: USAFL Season Preview: Gulf Coast Region

In Segment 4, we will preview on the Gulf Coast teams:

  • Austin Crows
  • Dallas Magpies
  • Houston Lonestars
  • Tulsa Buffaloes
  • Baton Rouge Tigers

Segment Five: USAFL Season Preview: Pacific Region

In Segment Five, we will preview on the Pacific teams:

  • Seattle Grizzlies
  • Portland Steelheads
  • Sacramento Suns
  • Golden Gate Roos/ San Francisco Iron Maiden
  • Los Angeles Dragons
  • Orange County Bombers
  • San Diego Lions
  • Las Vegas Gamblers

Segment Six: USAFL Women’s Report

Segment Six will be the USAFL Women’s Report with Carolyn Poulos and the latest on the USAFL Women’s side.


Segment Seven: Q & A

Our Q & A comes in this segment


Segment Eight: Preview For AFL Week 1

Our preview for AFL Week 1 will come through in this segment.


Reminder, everyone….showtime is 1 pm tomorrow on YouTube.

See you tomorrow!

USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-10: For USAFL/AFL Season Preview Week 8: Week Ending 15 March 2015: Show 15-9 Preview

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Good evening, everyone.

We are just 2 weeks away from the 2015 season starting in the AFL and just a week away from the USAFL Season starting in earnest in Houston with the Cowboy Cup. So, I am trying to finish the 2015 Season Preview in the next few days, but still got a lot to finish. But, we also getting set for our Show 15-9 for this week and the newest member of the USAFLWR family. So, with that, here’s our Show 15-9 Preview:

Segment One: Introductions

The first segment will be our introductions of the team, including our newest member, our USAFL Women’s correspondent, Carolyn Poulos, from our USAFL Women’s HQ in Denver. Our opening music will be our 2015 Nationals Opening Music, Southern Comfort Zone from Brad Paisley. Carolyn Poulos is the mother of Sara Edwards Rohner, the Ruck Rover for the 5-time defending champion Denver Lady Bulldogs and a member of the IC14 Bronze Medal USA Freedom team.

Segment Two: AFL News

Lisa will have the latest AFL News from the past week, including the latest in the Essendon scandal.

Segment Three: AFL/USAFL Season Preview: Part 8: Midwest Region

This is the first of two segments in the USAFL Season Preview. In Segment Three, I will preview the Midwest Region. Here are the teams in that region:

  • Kentucky Fury
  • Cincinnati Dockers
  • Indianapolis Giants
  • Columbus Jackaroos
  • Louisville Kings
  • Cleveland Cannons
  • Chicago Swans
  • Milwaukee Bombers

Segment Four: AFL/USAFL Season Preview: Part 8: Rocky Mountain Region

The second of the two segments in the USAFL Season Preview, I will be previewing the Rocky Mountain Region in this segment. Here are the teams in that region:

  • Denver Bulldogs
  • Des Moines Roosters
  • Kansas City Power
  • Minnesota Freeze

Segment Five: Our Newest Segment: USAFL Women’s

This segment will feature and welcome our newest member of the USAFLWR family, Carolyn Poulos, as she will have the off-season news on the USAFL Womens Division. She will have our regular segment in Segment Five.

Segment Six: Q & A

Our Segment Six is Q & A. Here’s where you come in…during the show via chat, Skype, Facebook and Twitter and on blog here, too, you can ask questions to the team. Remember, for those that have questions to get them into Facebook and Twitter by Saturday night @ midnight CT. @USAFLWR on Twitter with #SegmentSix and the same on USAFL Weekly Report on Facebook. Each Sunday, this segment is all about you.

Segment Seven: Preview of Show 15-10

The final segment before we wrap up the show is our look ahead to Show 15-10, which we will preview the Pacific and Gulf Coast Regions in the USAFL and we have an extended segment on our AFL picks to win it all.


Reminder for everyone, we are on YouTube now. Find us with this link: or find us typing on YouTube’s main page: USAFL Weekly Show.

Show this Sunday is at 4 pm CDT! See you then!

USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-9: For USAFL/AFL Season Preview Week 7: Week Ending 8 March 2015

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Good evening, everyone…from the snowbound USAFL Weekly HQ in Smyrna.

Once again, the director is snowbound as another snowstorm has made it to the confines of the HQ as we got 3.2″ of snow and will be in the deep freeze tonight at 11f (-13c) before finally having a major warming trend by next Wednesday as we head to 70f (+21c). Needless to say, I am so ready for spring to begin…

This weekend is the weekend here in the USA to move the clocks forward. So, last Sunday was our last in Standard Time unless we have our final show on 1 November, then we will have 1 more show. Sunday, our show will be on @ 4 pm CDT (8 am Melbourne Monday). Here’s our preview for this week Show 15-8:

  • AFL News


    Our first segment will be on the AFL News from the last 2 weeks as we didn’t have the segment due to problems with Lisa’s phones last Sunday. This will be an extended segment.


  • USAFL/AFL Season Preview: Part 7: Northeast and Southeast Regions


    Second segment will begin our three part USAFL Season Preview as we will be previewing the Northeast and Southeast Regions. This also will be an extended segment. Here’s the region teams:


    Northeast Region: Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore/Washington

    Southeast Region: North Carolina, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay, Atlanta and Nashville


  • Question Time


    Our third segment will be our 1st ever Question Time. For those that read up on the blog and on Twitter and Facebook, please post a question for either Lisa, Stephen or I and we will answer it during this time.


  • Preview Next Sunday


    Our final segment, we will preview our Show 15-9 and get set for our newest member of the team, Carolyn Poulos, to join us for the first time next Sunday as our USAFL Women’s correspondent.



    For those that are wondering on when we will be completing the Season Preview for the USAFL on the blog that will be nearing its completion as I am working on the Gulf Coast and Pacific Regions this week and should be completed by middle to late next week.


    We will see everyone on Sunday @ 4 pm CDT on YouTube. Make sure you look for us on USAFL Weekly Show.

USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-8: For The Week Ending 1 March 2015: USAFL/AFL Season Preview Part 6

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Good evening, everyone.

As I prepare for this coming Sunday’s Part 6, the weather is finally changing as Spring is coming….finally.

This week’s show will have the final part of the AFL Previews with Sydney, West Coast and Western Bulldogs. We will also recap the 1st games of the NAB Challenge and look ahead for the month of March. So, get set…show is at special time: 1 pm CST. It is also our last show in the Standard time as we go to Daylight Savings time next Sunday. See you tomorrow!

USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-7: For the Week Ending 20 February 2015: USAFL/AFL Preview Week 5

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Hello, everyone…from the frozen tundra of Middle Tennessee???

Yes, everyone….this week the Siberian Express has arrived here @ USAFL Weekly HQ in Smyrna. Don’t believe me…this morning’s low was -4f (-20c)…the latest that the temperature has been below zero in Smyrna and Greater Nashville history. The high was just 20f (-7c), the coldest high temperature for the day as well.

Got a lot to cover this week on the blog, so let’s see what’s “ON TAP”:


  • This Week’s Show


    This week, we are on Part Five of the USAFL/AFL Season Preview as we will be going on Port Adelaide, Richmond and St. Kilda. We will be previewing each of the teams for the 2015 season. We will also have the big announcements for March with our newest members coming onboard and special surprise as well with one of the major podcasts in Australia for Footy.


  • Upcoming Broadcasts


    Show 15-6 (This Sunday) will be on @ 4 pm.

    Show 15-7 (Next Sunday) will be on @ 1 pm as we get to finish the AFL side of the Previews with Sydney, Western Bulldogs and West Coast Eagles.

    Show 15-8 (March 8) will move us to Daylight Savings time, but we will still be on @ 4 pm and will have Part Seven of the series, which is the first part of the three part series of the USAFL as we preview the Northeast and Southeast Regionals.

    Show 15-9 (March 15) will bring onboard our newest member to the team, Carolyn Poulos, as we will go to Part Eight of the series, which is the second part in the USAFL as we preview the Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regionals. Show @ 4 pm.

    Show 15-10 (March 22) will finish the final part of the series with the USAFL Gulf Coast and Pacific Regions. This show is tentative scheduled for 1 pm.

    Show 15-11 (March 29) will get us to Week 1 of the 2015 AFL Season as we do our 1st picks of the year….GET READY!


With that, everyone… I know not much to cover, but this is the slow time of the year. We will be gearing up in 3 weeks and really getting going on the blogs with updates every week and the standings will be out every week beginning in early April. See you Sunday @ 4 pm!

USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-6: For The Week Ending 15 February 2015

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Hello, everyone…

Got a lot to cover this week, so let’s see what’s “ON TAP”:

  • Regionals Set
  • March Shows Preview
  • The Road To Austin
  • What’s happening Sunday on Show 15-5


  1. Regionals Set


    We got the word that 4 Regionals are going to be done this season in the USAFL. So, with that, here are the regionals:


  • Eastern Regional: April 11th: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Central Regional: July 11th: Racine, WI
  • North Central Regional: May 18th: Des Moines, IA (10s)
  • Western Regional: June 27th:  Davis, CA

And of course, the Nationals will be Austin on 16-18 October.


  1. March Shows Preview


    As we are halfway through February, now we get set for a slammed March as we get set for the AFL Regular Season, so get ready, here’s the schedule for March:


  • 1 March: Show 15-7 (4 pm CST): Final Show on Standard Time: AFL/USAFL Preview: Part Six: Sydney, West Coast and Western

    Our first show of March will finish the AFL Season Previews as we preview Sydney, West Coast and Western Bulldogs and get set for the USAFL Previews.


  • 8 March: Show 15-8 (4 pm CDT): 1st Show on Daylight Time: AFL/USAFL Preview: Part Seven: USAFL Northeast and Southeast Regions

    As we shift to Daylight Savings time, we shift to the USAFL as we preview the Northeast and Southeast Regions. Here are the teams in those regions:


    Northeast: Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore/Washington.

    Southeast: Nashville, North Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale


  • 15 March: Show 15-9 (4 pm CDT): AFL/USAFL Preview: Part Eight: USAFL Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regions

    Part Eight moves to the Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regions as we preview those regions. Here are the teams in those regions:


    Midwest: Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, Kentucky, Louisville, Indianapolis and Milwaukee

    Rocky Mountain: Minnesota, Des Moines, Kansas City and Denver


  • 22 March: Show 15-10 (1 pm CDT): AFL/USAFL Preview: Part Nine: USAFL South Central and West Regions

    Our final part of the nine-part series in the AFL/USAFL Preview will put us on the South Central and West. Here are the teams in those regions:


    South Central: Baton Rouge, Houston, Dallas, Austin and Tulsa

    West: Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Golden Gate, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego


  • 29 March: Show 15-11 (4 pm CDT): AFL Week 1

    We conclude March with the opening week predictions of the AFL Season.



  1. The Road to Austin


    As most of the Facebook community has known, I am doing a year-long challenge to walk the distance from USAFLWR HQ here in Smyrna to the USAFL Nationals HQ in Austin, TX, which is 915 miles. So, beginning with this edition, I am updating everyone each week with a special section with where I am at and the track so far. As of last Sunday:


  • Weight: 255.2 lbs. (Down from 280.2 on November 1)
  • Distance last week: 15.21 miles
  • Distance overall: 87.27 miles    Pace: 97.77 miles    +/-: -10.50 miles
  • Distance to go: 827.73 miles
  • Days left: 326
  • Distance this week to get back to pace: 28.03 miles

Here’s where it gets interesting…This week is the Hot Chocolate 15K here in Nashville. This will be my longest race EVER! To give you an idea of how long the distance is overall for just what I will be doing on Saturday, my normal walk with Coco is around 1.44 miles. It would take me nearly 8 laps to equal the distance of what I will be doing on Saturday. And, oh, by the way, the temperature for the race Saturday…the coldest race I have EVER done…27 degrees at start! I will let everyone know on Facebook on how I do on Sunday and the blog next week.

As for the map:

I am currently now on the 2nd longest leg between Smyrna and Austin…the long section of Interstate 40 between Dickson, TN and Little Rock, AR. To give you an idea of how long it will take to get to the next section, it would take me nearly 3 months to complete this section. As of last Sunday, I am at Exit 153 @ Interstate 40 and TN St Route 48 in Western Dickson County and heading for Hurricane Mills. I hope to be crossing into Arkansas by the time the first week of the AFL season begins on April 4, just 8 weeks from now.


  1. Show 15-5 Preview


    Our show this Sunday is the show that I am looking forward to as we will be in Part Four of the nine-part series in the AFL/USAFL Season Previews as we will be on the AFL side with defending Premiers Hawthorn, Melbourne and North Melbourne. And maybe by Sunday, I will be donning on the new gear from the Kangaroos. And I will need it…the high temperature for Sunday…29 degrees (-2c) with a low of 9 (-13c). We will also have more updates from the USAFL and the AFL News from Lisa Albergo. Our show is at 4 pm CST on Sunday via YouTube.


With that, that’s it….See you Sunday @ 4 for Edition 15-5 of USAFL Weekly and wish me luck on the Hot Chocolate 15K. I will have a link on Facebook to track me on Saturday!

USAFL Weekly: Edition 15-5: For The Week Ending 8 February 2015: AFL/USAFL Preview Week 3

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Hello, everyone…Welcome to February.

After taking last Sunday off for the Super Bowl (still smarting after the heartbreaking loss), it is time to get back to work and that means, we get back to the AFL/USAFL Season Previews. I hope everyone is enjoying the series thus far as we get set for a very busy 8 weeks leading to the season opening week in the AFL 7 weeks from Sunday (Palm Sunday, 29 March 2015). But, before we get into this week’s show, there’s some good news coming this week as we will be switching cars as the Impala finally bit the bullet on last Friday (30 January) as the alternator has died for the 3rd time, so we are retiring the car (finally) and we will be debuting the new car this Sunday, our 2005 Ford Taurus Sedan…and yes, it is in my favorite color, MAROON…otherwise known as Washington State Cougar Colors! GO COUGS! And we might be in our new polo from the Kangaroos as this week is the opening of the arrival time for the package for 2015.

For all of those that have missed us on UStream, please reset your browser to the new link: and also look for USAFL Weekly Show on Youtube and that will pull up the channel as well.

With that, here’s our preview for this coming week:

  • AFL News: Latest on the Essendon Trial, Signing of Andrew Swallow extension for the Kangaroos and other news
  • AFL Season Preview: Geelong Cats
  • AFL Season Preview: Gold Coast Suns
  • AFL Season Preview: Greater Western Sydney Giants

    Please note: On all three previews, we will recap the off-season and give our predictions for the first 5 games of the 2015 season.

  • USAFL News

    In this week’s USAFL News, we will have announcements on the USAFL Central Regional Tournament on the site and time

  • USAFLWR News

    In the USAFLWR News, we have several announcements this week as we prepare for the beginning of the 2015 season.


With that, everyone…get set for Sunday as we return back to the air for the next 14 weeks. Our show begins @ 4 pm Sunday USA Central Time on YouTube. And make sure you Subscribe to the channel on YouTube, so you can get the latest updates. See you SUNDAY!