USAFL Weekly: Edition 14-15: USAFL Nationals Preview

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Good evening, everyone…

Before we begin, I need to apologize to everyone on here as I have been not having doing the Editions on the website since mid-July due to a lot of changes with work moving from one after 3 years (Sprint Call Center in Donelson) to my new job that I started one month ago today (Comcast Call Center in Opry Mills North, 7 mi. NW). I thank everyone for their patience and reading up via Facebook, but this is NATIONALS WEEK…so we need to get rolling fast as kickoff is 3 days away. So, with that, let’s get rolling:


Welcome, everyone….to the 2014 USAFL Nationals Preview.

As we begin what will be our 1st year doing the rounds on World Footy News as a contributor as well as our 5th year doing it on our main website. So, what will make this different is we will have the full divisions and the predictions for each of the divisions in winning each pool with the current records and ranking and then we will have our show times for this coming weekend. So, let’s get started:


  • Division One Preview

We will begin with the premier division in all of the USAFL, Division One Men’s. In this Division lay the toughest pool in all 5 divisions of Aussie Rules in the USA, including the last undefeated team (Austin). So, with that….

Key: Team (Record, Points, Current USAFL Weekly Report Standings)

Pool A Seed Pool B
Austin Crows (12-0, 28, #3) 1st Calgary Kangaroos
Denver Bulldogs (5-3, 11, #12) 2nd New York Magpies (9-1, 28, #2)
Orange County Bombers (11-1, 28, #1) 3rd
Dallas Magpies (5-8, 14, #8)
Minnesota Freeze (8-1, 23, #4) 4th Golden Gate Roos (7-2, 12, #9)


Ok, I know what everyone is asking why is Austin and Calgary are the top seeds, even with a very strong Orange County at 11-1 being ranked #1 for the majority of the season. Simple, they are the defending pool champs in their respective pools from Austin and Austin is the defending Premiers from last season. Now that has been cleared up, the toughest pool in the Division One is, of course, Pool A with 3 of the top 4 teams in the USAFL in that pool and the perennial 8-time champs Denver rounding out the pool. The matches to watch during the weekend are:

  • Pool A: Austin vs. Orange County (3 pm EDT, Saturday). The winner of that game will win the pool and will be a strong contender to win Division One.
  • Pool B: Calgary vs. New York (11 am EDT, Sunday). They save the best of Pool B for Sunday, but I think it will be worth the wait as the winner of that game will win the pool.


  • Pool A: Austin vs. Orange County will decide it and in my estimation, that game will be an all-out war. I think at this point until Austin gets toppled, they will be the team to beat. Austin.
  • Pool B: Once again, the battle between Calgary vs. New York will decide it and another all-out war. I will go with New York to win it in a close one.
  • Grand Final: Austin vs. New York. These two teams have played each other last month with Austin pulling a 16 point win on a neutral Dallas field. I think on this one, unless the champs are knocked down, Austin will take it. Austin by less than a goal.


  • Division Two Preview


Pool A Seed Pool B
Los Angeles Dragons (6-4, 15, #8) 1st Columbus Jackaroos (11-9, 19, #5)
Nashville Kangaroos (5-3-1, 17, #6) 2nd
Houston Lonestars (5-5, 16, #7)
Baltimore/Washington Eagles (1-5, 4, #24) 3rd
Boston Demons (2-2, 6, #19)
Quebec Saints 4th
Chicago Swans (2-6, 8, #15)


Matches To Watch:

  • Pool A: I know everyone is shocked to see the Nashville Kangaroos being seeded #2 and in Division 2, but remember this. Their record of 2-4 in the last 2 years moved them to there. With that said, the match to watch will be their match with Los Angeles (Sunday, 10 am EDT). Whoever wins that match will win the Pool.
  • Pool B: The match to watch will be the Houston vs. Chicago at 5 pm EDT. Whoever wins that game may have an outside chance to topple Columbus.


  • Pool A: The winner of LA vs. Nashville will win the pool. In my opinion, Nashville with the tougher schedule this year, should beat Los Angeles and wins the pool.
  • Pool B: Until someone can topple Columbus, they will be the team to beat.
  • Grand Final: Nashville vs. Columbus. This will be an all-out war as the teams have split the season series. I will go out in a limb and will say, Nashville, by less than a goal, to win their first Grand Final ever.


  • Division Three Preview:


Pool A Seed Pool B
Sacramento Suns (3-9, 9, #14) 1st
Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids (0-3, 0, #29)
Des Moines Roosters (3-6, 7, #18) 2nd
Philadelphia Hawks (3-3, 10, #13)
New York Magpies B 3rd
Calgary Kookaburras B
Cincinnati (Ohio Valley) Dockers (5-4-1, 12, #10) 4th
Portland Steelheads (2-2, 4, #22)


Matches To Watch:

  • Pool A: With the Houston Lonestars moving to Division Two, Sacramento, as the runners-up, got the top seed. The match that will be to watch in Pool A could be the most unknown, Sacramento vs. New York Magpies B (Saturday, 3 pm EDT). Whoever wins that game will have the inside track to win the Pool A.
  • Pool B: The unexpected top seed in the Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids will have their hands full if they can get through the tougher Pool B and the game to watch will be their final game against Philadelphia (10 am EDT, Sunday). The winner will take the pool.


  • Pool A: Both pools will be difficult to predict, but more so in Pool A. In Pool A, I will go with the Sacramento Suns to win the pool in a tough pool, but don’t be surprised to see to have Des Moines.
  • Pool B: The game between Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale will take it and with Philadelphia playing the tougher schedule, I will take the Hawks to win the pool.
  • Grand Final: Sacramento vs. Philadelphia. These teams faced each other in Pool B last year in Austin, in which I umpired that game to decide that pool. Sacramento won that game and I think they will win the Grand Final to take Division 3. Sacramento by 2 goals.


  • Division Four Preview


Pool A Seed Pool B
Tulsa Buffaloes (4-5, 8, #16) 1st
North Carolina Tigers (1-3, 4, #23)
Denver Bulldogs B/Kansas City Power 2nd Columbus Jackaroos B/Orange County Bombers B
Houston Lonestars B 3rd Milwaukee Bombers/Indianapolis Giants
Minnesota Freeze B/Seattle Grizzlies 4th Atlanta Kookaburras B/Baltimore-Washington Eagles B


Match To Watch:

  • Both Pools: With the only two full teams in the Pool, the match of the Division Four will be Tulsa Buffaloes vs. Houston Lonestars B (4 pm EDT Saturday). That match most likely will decide Pool A and have a great chance of winning Division Four.


  • Pool A: The Tulsa vs. Houston will be the match of the Division and with the stronger schedule for Tulsa, I will go with Tulsa to win.
  • Pool B: With 3 other teams being split teams, North Carolina is the class of the field and will win Pool B.
  • Grand Final: Tulsa vs. North Carolina. This will be an all-out war. Tulsa has played more games in the USAFL this season (9) to North Carolina (4), so with that, I will go with Tulsa to take their first Premiers in only their 2nd Nationals ever. Tulsa by 2 goals.


  • Women’s Division Preview


Pool A Seed Pool B
Denver Bulldogs 1st San Francisco Iron Maiden/Portland Banishees
Calgary Kangaroos 2nd
Sacramento Suns
Montreal/Baltimore-Washington Eagles 3rd Minnesota Freeze Blue
Minnesota Freeze Blue/Columbus/Boston 4th
New York Magpies/Toronto


Matches to Watch:

  • Pool A: Denver, with all of their power, will have to wait for, in my opinion, the match of the entire Women’s Division as they face Calgary (3 pm EDT Saturday). The winner of this match will likely win the entire thing. If there’s any chance for the dynasty to end, this will be the game.
  • Pool B: San Francisco Iron Maiden/Portland vs. Sacramento Suns (Noon EDT Saturday). Sacramento has absolutely owned San Francisco in the regular season as they taken 3 out of 4 games this season, but this is the Nationals. Does Sacramento have it in them to do 4 out of 5?


  • Pool A: In my opinion, until Denver gets beaten, Denver will win Pool A and go for 5 in a row.
  • Pool B: The San Francisco/Portland vs. Sacramento will decide who will face Denver. Move over, San Francisco. Sacramento will win Pool B.
  • Grand Final: Denver vs. Sacramento. These teams have faced each other last year with Denver winning in the Nationals by 45. Expect more of the same. Denver to win 5 straight by 6 goals.


Showtimes This Weekend:

This year, due to work constraints, I am forced to head the Nationals coverage from home base Smyrna, however, don’t panic. Rob De Santos and Brian Reiss from Gem City Sports will be our liaisons in Dublin. We will have 7 shows this weekend. Here’s our showtimes and what we will cover during those shows (All times USA Eastern Daylight Time):


9 pm: Our Opening Ceremonies (2 hours): We will preview all 5 Divisions and will have special guests during our 2 hours.



1 pm: Halftime Report (1 hour): We will be on Darree Fields as we recap the morning session and preview the afternoon session and our games to look ahead.

4 pm: Special Show (1 hour): During the 4 pm show, we will be interviewing the newest teams in the USAFL and what they are doing to strength the USAFL in new areas and we will recap the first half of the afternoon games.

7 pm: Day in Review (2 hours): Our Day in Review will recap all of the games and have the standings for each of the divisions and preview Sunday morning’s games. During the show, we will have an open segment to answer questions from our Facebook, Twitter, Chat on UStream and our live audience in Dublin. For those on Twitter and Facebook, use #FootyCentral with your question throughout the day on Saturday and we will answer them during the show.



1 pm: Grand Final Preview (1 hour): We will be on Darree Fields as we recap the final round robin games and set the stage for the Grand Finals.

4 pm: Special Show (1 hour): We will recap the Division 4, 3, 2 and Women’s Grand Final during this hour.

7 pm: Grand Final Day In Review (2 hours): Our Grand Final Day in Review will recap all 5 Divisions and hopefully have interviews of the winning teams during the 2 hour show. Remember, as we did Saturday, we will have a Q and A session as well. Use #FootyCentral with your question throughout Sunday and we will answer on this show.


Please bookmark our websites during this weekend:

Video: USAFL Weekly @ The Nationals: : Alex will be hosting the video portion here.

Audio: Gem Sports Radio Network: : Rob and Brian will lead the audio here.


I hope everyone makes it to the websites during this weekend. The NATIONALS begin Friday….time to bounce for the titles!


USAFL Weekly: Edition 14-14: For The Week Ending 12 July 2014

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Hello, everyone….Welcome to Independence Day Week…. As we are at the halfway point of the season in the USAFL season and nearing the three-quarter pole in the AFL, it is also time to begin the preparations for not only the International Cup but also the USAFL Nationals, now just under 100 days to go.  So, we got a lot to cover this week.  With that, here’s what “ON TAP”:

  1. USAFL Standings
  2. A Look Ahead:  Next Week’s Games
  3. First Look:  USAFL Nationals

1)  USAFL Standings As we begin the month of July, we have a battle brewing in both the Women’s and Men’s Divisions.  Here are the latest standings: Men’s Division

  1. Austin Crows 5-0, 12 pts. (218-99, 220.20%)
  2. Dallas Magpies 4-2, 12 pts. (372-179, 207.82%)
  3. Minnesota Freeze 5-1, 11 pts. (449-313, 143.45%)
  4. Columbus Jackaroos 8-5, 11 pts. (756-671, 116.13%)
  5. Cincinnati Dockers 4-3, 9 pts. (424-381, 111.28%)
  6. Orange County Bombers 3-0, 8 pts. (212-17, 1247.05%)
  7. Golden Gate Roos 5-1, 8 pts. (196-243, 80.88%)
  8. New York Magpies 2-0, 6 pts. (101-30, 280.56%)
  9. Louisville Kings 4-2, 5 pts. (398-248, 160.48%)
  10. Nashville Kangaroos 1-0, 4 pts. (148-15, 986.67%)
  11. Baltimore/Washington Eagles 1-0, 4 pts. (107-28, 382.54%)
  12. Seattle Grizzlies 1-0, 4 pts. (63-23, 273.91%)
  13. North Carolina Tigers 1-2, 4 pts. (212-200, 106%)
  14. Philadelphia Hawks 1-1, 4 pts. (63-109, 57.80%)
  15. Atlanta Kookaburras 1-2, 4 pts. (190-386, 49.22%)
  16. Los Angeles Dragons 2-1, 3 pts, (136-66, 206.06%)
  17. Denver Bulldogs 2-2, 3 pts. (189-156, 121.15%)
  18. Boston Demons 1-1, 2 pts. (64-43, 148.83%)
  19. Tulsa Buffaloes 2-2, 2 pts. (157-271, 57.93%)
  20. Sacramento Suns 1-6, 1 pt. (252-289, 87.20%)
  21. Kansas City Power 1-1, 1 pt. (101-131, 77.10%)
  22. Des Moines Roosters 1-1, 1 pt. (240-350, 68.57%)
  23. Chicago Swans 0-3, 0 pts. (81-173, 46.82%)
  24. Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids 0-1, 0 pts. (13-35, 37.14%)
  25. Baton Rouge Tigers 0-3, 0 pts. (148-403, 36.72%)
  26. Indianapolis Giants 0-5, 0 pts. (142-396, 35.86%)
  27. San Diego Lions 0-3, 0 pts. (22-220, 10%)

Women’s Division

  1. Sacramento Lady Suns 2-1, 8 pts. (106-37, 286.48%)
  2. San Francisco Iron Maiden 1-2, 4 pts. (37-106, 34.91%)
  3. Columbus Lady Jackaroos 0-1, 0 pts. (19-87, 21.84%)

2)  A Look Ahead:  This Week’s Games This week’s matches is the first Showdown Saturday as the several of the top 11 teams in the Nation take the field.  Here are this week’s matches:

Stop One:  #11 Baltimore/Washington @ #8 New York:  Tibbetts Park

Our first stop is one of the oldest battles in the USAFL and the EAFL as the Eagles take on the Magpies @ Tibbetts Park.  This game will begin the EAFL season for both teams and whoever wins will definitely move up in the USAFL Weekly standings.

Stop Two:  MATCH OF THE WEEK:  #1 Austin and #4 Columbus @ #10 Nashville:  Ted Rhodes Cricket Grounds in Metrocenter

The Match of the Week is the only round robin matches of the week, but this will go a long way in the standings.  The current ladder leaders in Austin and #4 Columbus comes to the friendly confines of Ted Rhodes Cricket Grounds in North Nashville (Metrocenter) as the Tournament of Champions take place.  Austin comes in @ 5-0, Columbus is 8-5 and Nashville is 1-0.  Each of the games will count 2 points, so a maximum of 4 points is at stake for the round robin.

Stop Three:  #21 Kansas City @ #19 Tulsa:  Veterans Park

Our third stop takes us to Tulsa as the 21st ranked Power take on the 19th ranked Buffaloes.  This will be a full game, so 4 points is on the line as well.

Stop Four:  Vancouver @ #12 Seattle:  Skagit River Park in Burlington, WA

The final stop of the rounds takes us to Burlington as the 2nd in the series of the Battle of the 49th Parallel continues with Vancouver taking on Seattle.  This is a full game and will count 4 points as well.



USAFL Weekly: Edition 14-13: For The Week Ending 21 June 2014

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Hello, everyone.

As we begin our 13th addition of the year, we got a lot to cover as the teams are all over the place this week.  So, with that, here’s what “ON TAP”:

  1. Last Week’s Games
  2. Standings
  3. This Week’s Games
  4. This Week’s Show

1)  Last Week’s Games

We head into last week’s games with our first stop @ Bethell, WA as the Seattle Grizzlies began their 2014 campaign with the Battle Of The Border.  From the beginning, the Grizzlies wouldn’t be denied as they won their game 8.15.63 to 3.5.23.  Stop Two took us to Indianapolis as the Ohio Valley Metro Championship took place with the Giants, Columbus Jackaroos, Louisville Kings and the Cincinnati Dockers.  Here are the scores from the games in Indianapolis:

Game 1 (Metro):  Louisville 7.5.47 Columbus 4.11.35

Game 2 (Metro):  Louisville 13.9.87 Columbus 3.3.21

Game 3 (Full):  Cincinnati 23.12.150 Indianapolis 3.5.23

Louisville takes the Ohio Valley Metro Championship.

The other game of the weekend was Baton Rouge taking on Houston @ Baton Rouge.  Houston wins the game 21.10.136 to 4.2.26.

2)  Standings

As we go into this week’s matches, here are the current ladder:

Men’s Ladder

  1. Columbus Jackaroos 8-5, 11 pts. (756-651, 116.13%)
  2. Cincinnati Dockers 4-3, 9 pts. (424-381, 111.28%)
  3. Austin Crows 4-0, 8 pts. (218-99, 220.20%)
  4. Dallas Magpies 3-2, 8 pts. (337-166, 203.01%)
  5. Houston Lonestars 2-4, 8 pts. (378-254, 148.82%)
  6. Minnesota Freeze 4-1, 7 pts. (357-305, 117.05%)
  7. Golden Gate Roos 3-0, 6 pts. (83-36, 230.56%)
  8. Louisville Kings 4-2, 5 pts. (398-248, 160.48%)
  9. Orange County Bombers 1-0, 4 pts. (153-3, 5100%)
  10. New York Magpies 1-0, 4 pts. (62-9, 688.89%)
  11. Baltimore/Washington Eagles 1-0, 4 pts. (107-28, 382.54%)
  12. Seattle Grizzlies 1-0, 4 pts. (63-23, 273.91%)
  13. North Carolina Tigers 1-1, 4 pts. (165-146, 113.01%)
  14. Atlanta Kookaburras 1-1, 4 pts. (175-238, 73.53%)
  15. Los Angeles Dragons 1-1, 2 pts. (39-35, 111.43%)
  16. Tulsa Buffaloes 2-2, 2 pts. (157-271, 57.93%)
  17. Denver Bulldogs 1-1, 1 pt. (135-105, 128.57%)
  18. Des Moines Roosters 1-3, 1 pt. (232-258, 89.93%)
  19. Kansas City Power 1-1, 1 pt. (101-131, 77.10%)
  20. Baton Rouge Tigers 0-3, 0 pts. (148-403, 36.72%)
  21. Indianapolis Giants 0-5, 0 pts. (142-396, 35.86%)
  22. Sacramento Suns 0-3, 0 pts. (28-79, 35.44%)
  23. Chicago Swans 0-1, 0 pts. (26-79, 32.91%)
  24. San Diego Lions 0-1, 0 pts. (3-153, 1.96%)

Women’s Ladder

  1. Sacramento Suns 1-1, 4 pts. (58-30, 191.33%)
  2. San Francisco Iron Maiden 1-1, 4 pts. (30-58, 51.72%)
  3. Columbus Lady Jackaroos 0-1, 0 pts. (19-87, 21.84%)

3)  This Week’s Games

This week, our games will head to Boston and Fort Lauderdale for the first time this season and we will welcome the 36th team in the USAFL as the St. Pete Starfish plays their 1st game.  With that, here’s this week’s games:

Stop One:  Boston Regional

Teams in Competition:  Men:  Halifax, Montreal, #23 Chicago, #10 New York and Boston  Women:  Montreal, New York, Quebec and Boston

Our first stop is the home grounds of MIT and Stateside Footy’s Bill Robert as the Boston welcomes Halifax, Montreal, Chicago and New York for the Boston Regional for the Men’s and the Montreal Angels and New York Magpies and Quebec for the Women’s.  All games will count 2 points for this round.

Stop Two:  Fort Lauderdale vs. #4 Dallas and St. Pete

The second stop will have Fort Lauderdale @ Broward Regional Stadium as we welcome St. Pete to the USAFL with their inaugural game against Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale will play Dallas.  The Fort Lauderdale/St. Pete will be a Metro and will count 2 pts. while the game with Dallas is a full game and will count 4 pts.

Stop Three:  #5 Houston @ #3 Austin Metro Carnival

The third stop takes us to USAFL National Champions Austin @ Onion Creek Soccer Fields for the Metro Carnival against Houston.  The round robin will count 2 pts. for each win.

Stop Four:  #19 Kansas City @ #6 Minnesota

The 2nd full game this weekend and our last stop will be @ #6 Minnesota as the Freeze plays #19 Kansas City.  A win by Minnesota will put them in the ladder top spot.

4)  This Week’s Show

Our show this week will recap this week’s games as well as Week 14 of the AFL and we will have reports from the VFL on the Roosters with Eric Wallace and St. Kilda as well.  Showtime is at 4 pm on Sunday.

With that, that’s it for this week.  Busy week next week as Nashville will begin their season next week.  We will preview that next week.  See you then!

USAFL Weekly: Edition 14-12: For The Week Ending 7 June 2014: Returning To The Blog

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Good afternoon, everyone…

We got a lot of catching up to do today as we haven’t been on the blog in nearly 2 months.  So, with that, here’s what “ON TAP”:

  1. Apologies
  2. Standings leading into June
  3. This Week’s Games (14 June)
  4. UStream Updates
  5. This Week’s Show (15 June)


1)  Apologies

As we begin this edition, an apology is needed to begin.  Over the last several weeks, I have extremely swamped with a lot of things that, unfortunately, that hasn’t been in my control.  If it hasn’t been work, it has been family.  Let me explain on both.  Work over the last month and a half has been extremely busy to a point that we are working overtime on our days off.

To add insult to injury, the family situation is also been out of my control, too, as several family emergencies are ongoing at the present that hasn’t rectified itself.  One of my great uncles is in Stage 3 Lung Cancer and not sure on how much longer he will have and my Mom and Dad’s health isn’t the best either.  So, I hope everyone understands if the blogs seemed a little haphazardly absent, but now, you, the fans, know why and I thank you for being patient with me during this trying time.


2)  Standings leading into June

Before we begin on the standings, here’s how this year’s standings will be done:

  • All full USAFL Games- Wins counts 4 pts with Ties counts 2 pts.
  • All USAFL Metro Games:
  • Metro Full (14s)- Wins counts 2 pts with Ties count 1 pt.
  • Metro 9s- Wins counts 1 pt with Ties count .5 pt.

During the Nationals:

  • Wins during the Round Robin matches counts 4 pts. with Ties count 2 pts.
  • Grand Final:  The Grand Final Winner in each classification counts 8 pts.

Our first 2 months of the season has produced some upsets and some major blowouts as well.  As we get set for the month of June, here’s the updated standings as we go into the games for June 14th:

Men’s Division

  1. Columbus Jackaroos 8-3, 11 pts. (700-517, 135.40%)
  2. Austin Crows 4-0, 8 pts. (218-99, 220.20%)
  3. Dallas Magpies 3-2, 8 pts. (337-166, 203.01%)
  4. Minnesota Freeze 4-1, 7 pts. (357-305, 117.05%)
  5. Golden Gate Roos 3-0, 6 pts. (83-36, 230.56%)
  6. Cincinnati Dockers 3-3, 5 pts. (274-358, 76.54%)
  7. Orange County Bombers 1-0, 4 pts. (153-3, 5100%)
  8. New York Magpies 1-0, 4 pts. (62-9, 688.89%)
  9. Baltimore/Washington Eagles 1-0, 4 pts. (107-28, 382.54%)
  10. North Carolina Tigers 1-1, 4 pts. (165-146, 113.01%)
  11. Houston Lonestars 1-4, 4 pts. (242-228, 106.14%)
  12. Atlanta Kookaburras 1-1, 4 pts. (175-238, 73.53%)
  13. Louisville Kings 2-2, 3 pts. (264-192, 137.50%)
  14. Los Angeles Dragons 1-1, 2 pts. (39-35, 111.43%)
  15. Tulsa Buffaloes 2-2, 2 pts. (157-271, 57.93%)
  16. Des Moines Roosters 1-3, 1 pt. (232-258, 89.93%)*
  17. Kansas City Power 1-1, 1 pt. (101-131, 77.10%)*
  18. Indianapolis Giants 0-4, 0 pts. (119-246, 48.37%)
  19. Baton Rouge Tigers 0-2. 0 pts. (122-267, 45.69%)
  20. Sacramento Suns 0-3, 0 pts. (28-79, 35.44%)
  21. Chicago Swans 0-1, 0 pts. (26-79, 32.91%)
  22. San Diego Lions 0-1, 0 pts. (3-153, 1.96%)

Women’s Division

  1. Sacramento Suns 1-1, 4 pts. (58-30, 193.33%)
  2. San Francisco Iron Maiden 1-1, 4 pts. (30-58, 51.72%)
  3. Columbus Jackaroos 0-1, 0 pts. (19-87, 21.84%)

You noticed the asterisks on several of the men’s teams.  The reason as we were coming to post that those teams had games scheduled for Saturday in the case of Des Moines-Kansas City, their game was postponed due to extreme heavy rain in Kansas City and Des Moines.  They will be rescheduling as a possible doubleheader later in the season.


3)  This Week’s Games (14 June)

As we get into the second week of June, some of the teams are finally coming out of hibernation and will have their first games this week.  Here’s this week’s schedule:

Stop #1: #11 Houston @ #19 Baton Rouge

Our first stop of the week takes us to Baton Rouge for the battle of I-10 Central as Baton Rouge takes on Houston.  This will be the first game for Baton Rouge in 3 weeks as well for Houston.  Expect fireworks between these two teams as they try to move up the standings.


Stop #2:  Ohio Valley Metro Championship @ Indianapolis

Teams involved:  #1 Columbus, # 6 Cincinnati, # 13 Louisville and #18 Indianapolis

This is the final metro rounds in the Ohio Valley Championship and the winner will be decided this Saturday.  After this set, the next time these teams will face each other will be in July @ the Central Regional Tournament with Chicago, Nashville and Milwaukee.


Stop #3:  BC Saints vs. Seattle Grizzlies @ Bothell, WA

This is a rare I-5 North battle that BC and Seattle play as they will be on a neutral ground in Bothell.  For Seattle, this is their season opener for them.


4)  UStream Updates

We will be updating the UStream shows over the next few days as we get prepared for the trip to Indianapolis which is just under 7 weeks away.  July 5th week, we will preview the Indianapolis trip and get everyone set for this first trip ever to the Central Regional tournament.


5)  This Week’s Show

This week’s show will be on a special time of 5 pm as we will celebrate Father’s Day in the USA.  A lot to cover over the last 2 weeks and the new standings will be out as well.


With that, everyone….that’s it for now.  More next week as we get set for the Battle in Boston and gear up for the showdown in Nashville at the end of the month against Atlanta.  See you next week!


Rutherford Redbacks vs. Wilson Wallabies score

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Rutherford Redbacks vs. Wilson Wallabies- Metro Game 1

Game @ Elmington Field. Temp: 77 and Sunny. Winds: West 7 mph

Goal: Toby Persson, Alex Benjamin (135th)

1st Quarter:
Rutherford Redbacks – 4.0.24
Wilson Wallabies – 3.1.19

2nd Quarter:
Rutherford Redbacks – 4.1.25
Wilson Wallabies – 3.0.18

3rd Quarter:
Rutherford Redbacks – 2.2.14
Wilson Wallabies – 2.2.14

4th Quarter:
Rutherford Redbacks – 2.4.16
Wilson Wallabies – 2.1.13

Final Score:
Rutherford Redbacks – 12.7.79
Wilson Wallabies – 10.4.64

USAFL Weekly: Edition 14-11: SPECIAL 200th BLOG: For the Week Ending 19 April 2014

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Good afternoon, everyone….from a warmer Nashville as it is 70 degrees today.  Hello, Spring…..where have you been?

As we get set for Easter weekend, the International Cup is getting around the corner….it means one thing….TIME FOR USAFL FOOTY TO BEGIN!

Yesterday, the USAFL Revolution team was announced on the USAFL website yesterday and we will have a special edition of that this weekend.  The good news for everyone this week is that the final decision has been made for the shows on the 2014 season.  All shows will be at 2 pm on Sundays every week and we will have special editions during the season.    This week’s show is a big one as we will be celebrating the show’s 6 year anniversary on Sunday and it will be a full show.  So, gear up and get ready….Sunday at a special time…3 pm.


USAFL Weekly: Edition 14-10: For the Week Ending 6 April 2014: USAFL Season Preview Week

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Good evening, everyone…

Welcome to a Special Edition of USAFL Weekly as we preview the 2014 Season.

As we begin 2014, there are a lot to questions to be answered after the 2013 season.  One of the biggest questions that I have been asked is about the return of the Dallas Magpies and their return to the Nationals after the disbarment from the Austin Nationals after the sins of 2012’s Nationals in Mason.  There are also other issues on if several teams that haven’t been playing in the Nationals, let alone in the USAFL, returns.

This edition of the USAFL Weekly will focus on the USAFL teams and we will go region by region and where the teams are going to finish for the men’s and the full women’s division.  When you see each of the teams, they will have their final record, points and where they finished in the final standings last year beside them.  Now, everyone is going to ask, “How did you come up with the analysis for this year?”  Simple.  I came up with the first analysis was to look at last year with the team during regular season and the Nationals and also look at other teams that matches up with them and stacked them in which Division would suit them best in 2014 based on last year and also project on what they can do.  This was totally unbiased and took nearly 3 weeks of dissecting all of the teams that played last season to come to this first analysis of this kind.  With that, we will begin where else, but the Northeast Region:

Northeast Region

The Northeast region is most of the EAFL teams and it will be the toughest region overall in this 2014 season as it has the #2 team in the nation (New York), but some also several other teams that could also contend for the Divisional Titles.  So, with that, here’s the teams, in alphabetical order:

Baltimore/Washington Eagles (5-7, 14 points, Finish Rank:  14th)

This team was one of the better teams last season in the EAFL and gave both Philadelphia and Boston fits, but was no match for New York last season.  Furthermore, last year’s Nationals was a major disappointment as they went 1-2 and finished 6th in Division 2.  This year’s EAFL schedule will produce more of the same and with the Eastern Regional Tournament close by, watch for a battle royale between them and Boston.  In the end, however, they will be looking more of the same like last season.  Expect them to be in the battle for Division 2.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 2 as a 5th seed.

Boston Demons (2-4, 8 points, Finish Rank:  24th)

This team is one of the powerful Division 3 teams in the nation over the last few years, however, last year wasn’t one of those years as the team struggled to 24th in the final rankings.  However, this team will be different in some ways as Andi Williams, the team’s first female president (see my interview with her earlier this year) will bring a fresh approach to the team.  I expect them to improve this season, however, I expect them to be a team inbetween Divisions 2 and 3.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 3 as a 3rd seed.

New York Magpies (13-1, 40 points, Finish Rank:  2nd)

This team was a powerhouse in not only the EAFL, but was a major force for the USAFL Division 1 title last year, coming just 1 point short in the final rankings after losing the Pool Final in Pool B.  This team reminds me of another team in the NFL, the New England Patriots, where they just reload and refocus.  The question for them is not if they win the EAFL, but can they also win the USAFL Division One title.  I expect they will contend again and don’t be surprise if we see a rematch of Austin vs. New York for the Division 1 title.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 1 as the top seed overall.

Philadelphia Hawks (3-10, 12 points, Finish Rank:  19th)

This was the surprise team of the Nationals after a very disappointing regular season, getting within 2 goals of winning the Pool A final against the Sacramento Suns.  With them in the toughest region in the nation, this team has been in near constant rebuilding mode for the last several seasons, however, I think that this season may change that, considering several of the games were very close overall.  The game to watch for is the game against Columbus @ home late in the season.  No doubt they will be a force to be reckoned with in the Nationals.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 3 as the 4th seed.


Southeast Region

The southeast regional has the most dynamic teams in the nation as three of the top 10 teams in the nation (Nashville (#5), North Carolina (#9) and Fort Lauderdale (#10) are in this region.  This region is a potent region and will most likely decide where the road leads to Columbus.  With that, here are the teams, in alphabetical order:

Atlanta Kookaburras (3-5, 12 points, Finish Rank:  20th)

Atlanta comes into 2014 with a lot of questions after the team combined with Baton Rouge and was delegated to Division Four for the first time in their history.  After the blowout losses that highlighted the season against their archrival Nashville and a close loss to North Carolina as well, what will be the fate of the Kookaburras.  A tell tale sign of what the season will be told in their first match, ironically, @ Nashville against the Kangaroos on June 28th.  If they come with the tenacity of the seasons before 2013, expect a battle.  I am not sure if that’ll happen.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 4 as the 4th seed.

Florida Redbacks (2-3. 6 points, Finish Rank:  26th)

The Florida Redbacks has been getting better with the last several years as a separate entity away from Fort Lauderdale.  Will this be the season that they will field a team for the Nationals?  With a 2-3 record last season, there is hope for them.  First analysis for Nationals:  Most likely not to field a team.

Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids (6-2, 18 points, Finish Rank:  10th)

The Squids was another team that was a surprise of the season as they went against some tough opposition and prevailed.  Coming within 10 points of winning the Pool B in Division Two, I expect this team to fight for the title in Division Two.  Their road won’t be easy, however, as their schedule is one of the tougher ones in the league.  Expect a lot from them this upcoming season.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 2 as the #2 seed.

Nashville Kangaroos (8-3, 30 points, Finish Rank:  5th)

The Kangaroos are coming into 2014 with a lot to prove as they once again was disappointing in the Nationals, finishing 5th in Division 1 after being picked by several teams to win it all.  With a new coach this season and a younger team than it has been in several years as several players have retired.  However, their core is still strong with Captain Luke Nemeth, a perennial USA Revolution player.  The perennial fork in the road for them this season is the first Central Regional @ Indianapolis on July 26-27 will decide if they have the chops for a 4th run in a row in Division 1.  Also with a home-and-home with both Columbus and Atlanta, plus a doubleheader with Division One Champion Austin…this will be a watershed year.  The team is definitely a borderline Division 1/2, but I am hopeful.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 1 as the 6th seed.

North Carolina Tigers (5-3, 20 points, Finish Rank:  9th)

North Carolina comes into the 2014 season with a lot of questions as they dropped down to Division 4, but won their pool in Pool A, only to lose mightily to the Cincinnati Dockers in the Division 4 Grand Final.  How well is the team this season after going just 2-3 in the EAFL against pretty much the cream of the crop in the USAFL last season.  I think another year in Division 4 could season them up for a run in 2015, but don’t be surprised if they move to Division 3.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 4 as the top seed.

North Central Regional

The Midwest regional has the 2nd most teams of all the regions (7) and several of the teams are definitely are up-to-caliber for Division titles.  One of the teams is returning after several years absence and some teams are rebuilding as well.  This region will be hosting the Nationals (Columbus) and also the Central Regional (Indianapolis), but also has the newest team in the league as well (Indianapolis).  With all of that, here’s our look of the North Central Regional:

Chicago Swans (2-5. 8 points, Finish Rank:  23rd)

The Swans had a interesting year last year as they was the Division 3 champions and were ready to take on the boys in Division 2.  However, 2013 was not the year for them as the team struggled mightily in both the regular season and in the Nationals, finishing in 5th in Division 2.  This season, like their archrival Kangaroos, is a watershed season for them as well and it will come down to three events, the Central Regional Tournament in Indianapolis, on the road @ Boston against Boston and Montreal and the Wayne Schwass Cup against Nashville on 6 September.  If they come out to play on all of those events, expect them to go far this year.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 2 as a 4th seed.

Cincinnati Dockers (5-2, 22 points, Finish Rank:  7th)

The Dockers was the surprise team of Division 4 as they came out of the woodwork to lambaste the field and in doing so, won the Division 4 title.  This season could be another interesting one for the Dockers as they can defend the title, but with a tough core of players, I am not expecting that at all.  I think they will move up to Division 3 and give it a ride and then some.  Expect some fireworks with the rivals Columbus, Nashville and newly formed Indianapolis, especially in the Central Regional Tournament in late July.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 3 as the 8th seed.

Columbus Jackaroos (9-2, 38 points, Finish Rank:  3rd)

For a team in its 5th season, there’s no one that I think will be a team on the rise this season like the Jackaroos.  They are poised to make some major noise after dominating in Division 2 in winning it.  And with the incentive of being home for the Nationals, this year could be the year they take the plunge with the big boys in Division 1.  Expect major fireworks with Nashville in the home-and-home and also expect a battle royale also with Division 1 Champion Austin @ Nashville in late June and with the Central Regional in Indianapolis.  Could a repeat of 2013 happen with Columbus to winning their 1st Division 1 title at home?  Who knows…that’s a wait and see.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 1 as the 5th seed.

Des Moines Roosters (3-5, 10 points, Finish Rank:  22nd)

Des Moines is another interesting team that has me in a state of flux after dominating Division 3 in winning it in ’12 in Mason only to struggle in the same division in ’13.  With a tough schedule with the powerhouses of Minnesota and Kansas City and upstart Tulsa, they may have a long road to haul.  I expect to keep them in Division 3 once again for a third year and they could go for a title if the pieces fit.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 3 as the 7th seed.

Indianapolis Giants (0-1, 0 points, Finish Rank:  30th)

The newest team in the league, Indianapolis, gets their feet wet in their first full season in the USAFL in what will be a very tough North Central region.  With only one game under their belt (against Cincinnati), this team is getting major footing for them this year as the Central Regional is in their home @ Northwestway Park in late July.  A virtual unknown in every sense of the word.  I hope for a good season for them in their first full year.  First analysis for Nationals:  Most likely not to field a team this year…just too many unknowns, but several players will most likely play for other teams.  Look for them in 2015 for their Nationals debut.

Milwaukee Bombers (Didn’t play in 2013)

One of the teams returning to the USAFL after several years of absence is the Milwaukee Bombers as they will field a squad.  This year will be a building year for them as their schedule is light for them this year with the major focus on the Central Regional in Indianapolis in late July.  I am not seeing much of this team this year for them to gauge a look for the Nationals.  First analysis for Nationals:  Most likely not to field a team for Nationals.  Expect them to field one in 2015.

Minnesota Freeze (6-5, 22 points, Finish Rank:  8th)

After having a great season in 2012, most teams was hoping for a great season from the Freeze last year.  However, the regular season was a disappointment as the team struggled to 4-4.  However, the Nationals turned out to be the catalyst for the 2014 season as they went 2-1 and finished 3rd in Division 2.  I expect this season to be more of the same and another nice run in Division 2.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 2 as a 3rd seed.


South Central Region

The South Central region has the claim this year as having the #1 team in the nation (Austin) as well as an up-and-comer (Houston) and a newbie (Tulsa) all in the same area.  It is also where a team that was barred (Dallas) returns back to the Nationals.  A lot of questions in this region and several teams will definitely will go for Division titles.  With that, here are the teams in alphabetical order:

Austin Crows (12-1, 41 points, Finish Rank:  1st)

The surprise team of the entire year was the Crows as they prove to be a Division 1 caliber team the likes that hasn’t been shown since the days of Denver vs. San Diego.  In just 5 years, they moved from Division 4 through Division 3 in ’09, Division 2 in ’11 and ’12 and then to Division 1 last year in their first attempt in beating Calgary by a single point.  Could we see a repeat for them in 2014?  My thoughts are a definitely yes.  They bring the division winning coach back and majority of their season is spent in the Texas Cup matches, however, the match that I am looking forward to is the battle with Columbus and Nashville @ Elmington Field on 28 June.  That might speak volumes as to whether they get the top seed in the Division 1 brackets.  This will be too close for me to call that, but I definitely think that they can contend again for the title.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 1 as the 2nd seed.

Baton Rouge Tigers (0-6, 0 points, Finish Rank:  29th)

We go from one extreme to the other as we go to Baton Rouge.  The Tigers didn’t field a team for the Nationals as they combined with Atlanta in Division 4 and after an extremely disappointing season.   Questions are if they can return to respectability this season?  If the scores from last season can tell the story, I say absolutely not.  It will definitely be another rebuilding year for them again.  First analysis for Nationals:  Most likely not to field a team this season.

Dallas Magpies (7-3, 14 points, Finish Rank:  15th)

We come to the team with the most unknowns in the region, Dallas, after the disbarment from the Nationals last year.  Questions are abound on what the team will do this year with their return if they can once again head back to Division 1 and contend.  The big test for them will be the Texas Cup rotation and what they do there could decide a lot of things.  By my thinking, it is time for them to step back and rebuild and I think Division 2 will be the first stepping stone back to prominence again.  First analysis:  Division 2 as the 6th seed.

Houston Lonestars (7-6, 30 points, Finish Rank:  6th)

Another team that is an up-and-coming team that may follow the Austin template is the Houston Lonestars.  This team was the major unknown last season and yet, it came out firing on all cylinders in winning the Division 3 title over Sacramento after a bruising Pool B play in which they came in the back door.  I think this year, like several other teams, is a watershed year for them as well.  Do they have the capabilities to head to Division 2 is the biggest question.  I think a defending of the title will be the best thing for them this season, but there’s the opportunity to make it to Division 2 and battle and this might be their year to test it.  First analysis:  Division 2 as the 8th seed.

Kansas City Power (4-7, 12 points, Finish Rank:  18th)

Another team in a transitional time is the Kansas City Power after a extremely disappointing Nationals last year as they finished 7th in Division 3 last year.  A lot of questions on this team and see if they can rebuild in 2014 and return to respectability.  I think this year they can, but I don’t expect them to move out of Division 3.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 3 as the 7th seed.

Tulsa Buffaloes (1-7, 4 points, Finish Rank:  27th)

A newbie to the Nationals last year, the Buffaloes are a rising team this year with a pretty tough schedule overall.  I think the team can do well with more seasoning in Division 4 again and maybe contend for a Pool final.  A lot of unknowns on this team, but a lot of promise too.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 4 as the 5th seed.


Western Region

The Western Region lays claim to the most teams in any region (9) and also is the most unpredictable region for teams that can contend for titles this season.  The Western Regional for them is in Los Angeles in late September before the Nationals and will be a interesting mix to see where everyone will sit after that regional completes.  There are several times rising in the region, but several teams also faltering severely that a refocus in another division is in order.  With that, here are the teams in the Western Region, in alphabetical order:

Denver Bulldogs (7-4, 18 points, Finish Rank:  11th)

The 2014 Western Regional begins with the Denver Bulldogs.  2013 was a interesting year for the Bulldogs as the team struggled in that their home field advantage wasn’t much of one as the eventual Division 1 Champion Austin Crows, however, they bounced back in the Nationals to finish 2-1 in Pool B to finish 4th in Division 1.  Will 2014 see them rise back for a chance for an 8th title?  I think it is possible, but with the teams ahead of them, it could be a interesting Nationals.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 1 as the 4th seed.

Golden Gate Roos (6-3, 16 points, Finish Rank:  13th)

This is one of the teams that was looking for to rise in the Division 1 title race for 2013, only to severely disappoint and finish with a thud in 6th place in Division 1.  The team is solid, but they must improve, especially with the likes of Austin, Nashville, Columbus and New York in the Division 1 title rounds.  This will be a wait and see for them this season.  Expect them to be in the hunt again for the pool title.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 1 as the 7th seed.

Las Vegas Gamblers (0-1, 0 points, Finish Rank:  28th)

The Gamblers have a ton of questions after having only 1 game played in 2013.  They didn’t even field a team for the Nationals for the first time in several years, so a lot of unknowns abound for this year for them.  First analysis for Nationals:  Most likely not to field a team for 2014.

Los Angeles Dragons (9-4, 30 points, Finish Rank:  4th)

The surprise team of the West Region is the Dragons as they busted out like a team with a mission, to win the Division 2 title, which they almost accomplished.  Unfortunately, they got the buzzsaw of the Columbus Jackaroos in the Grand Final and finished runner-up.  With a distinct possibility of Columbus moving to Division 1 in 2014, LA may have the chance to finally get their first title.  Expect a lot from this team and watch out, Division 2.  This is most likely the team to beat.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 2 as the top seed.

Orange County Bombers (4-6, 14 points, Finish Rank:  16th)

Orange County had a very disappointing regular season and Nationals as they went 0-3 and finished a very disappointing 7th for the second year in a row.  This year maybe it is a time for them to move down a division to regroup and get their footing back before they can get back to contend for Division 1 title again.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 2 as the 4th seed.

Portland Steelheads (2-7, 8 points, Finish Rank:  25th)

Portland was starting to gel in 2013 and was really making some moves in the Nationals after going 0-6 in the tough West region and was just percentage points from making the Division 3 Grand Final.  I think this team can definitely take a big move this year and can threaten for the Division 3 title after the strong performance in Austin.  First analysis for Nationals:  Division 3 as the 2nd seed.

Sacramento Suns (5-3, 18 points, Finish Rank:  12th)

Sacramento has improved the most behind the Los Angeles Dragons in 2013 as they had their first winning record and making it to their first Division Grand Final in Division 3.  Can they repeat the feat and win the title this time?  I say, definitely yes.  This team is very well built with USA Revolution coach Matt Bishop and I feel they are the team to beat in Division 3 with Houston moving to Division 2.  First analysis:  Division 3 as the top seed.

San Diego Lions (3-6, 12 points, Finish Rank:  21st)

As the 2013 season began, a lot of questions were needing of the one-time powerhouse of Division 1.  As 2014 begins, some of the questions are still left unanswered if the team can make the jump back up to Divisions 1 and 2.  At the present, their fit in Division 3 is the best fit for them as they are still rebuilding this season.  Expect them to battle for Division 3 title.  First analysis:  Division 3 as the 7th seed.

Seattle Grizzlies (5-3, 14 points, Finish Rank:  14th)

Seattle had a great regular season in winning the battle of I-5 and winning the Portland Stumpdown Throwdown.  However, that didn’t translate to the Nationals as they went with a thud, finishing 8th in Division 1.  This team is a borderline Division 1/2 as is Orange County and Nashville, however, unlike Orange County, Seattle has a bit more potential to bounce back in 2014.  First analysis:  Division 1 as the 8th seed.


Women’s Division

Now onto the Women’s Division, home of the 3-time Denver Lady Bulldogs.  This team is a dynamo and will be strongly defending to go for the rarest of rare, a 4-peat.  Once again, we will go in alphabetical order, with their final standings last year and first analysis for Nationals in 2014.  With that, let’s begin:

Boston Lady Demons (3-3, 8 points, Finish Rank:  3rd)

In 2012, the Lady Demons was the surprise of the tournament when they clawed their way into the Grand Final against Denver @ Mason and signs were looking promising for the 2013 season.  That, however, wasn’t mean to be as the team didn’t field a team for the Nationals in 2013 @ Austin.  However, their regular season was a tough one as they battled with New York, Montreal and Baltimore/Washington.  With the Nationals closer this year in Columbus, a full team looks a good chance and possibly a good showing at the Nationals can be obtained.  First analysis:  3rd Seed

Denver Lady Bulldogs (5-2, 22 points, Finish Rank:  1st)

What can we say about the Lady Bulldogs that haven’t already been said the last 3 years except dynasty.  This team has a dynasty written on them and will continue that way.  In the world of USAFL Women’s Division, there’s Denver, followed by a drop-off of significant proportions down to San Francisco and the rest of the teams.  In 2014, the team will try to do what no other team, men’s or ladies, has done…win 4 straight titles in the modern era.  Can they do it?  Until a team has the horses to pull side them, expect them to pull it off.  Once again, this is the team to beat.  First analysis:  Top seed

Minnesota Lady Freeze (2-4, 8 points, Finish Rank:  4th)

One of the newest teams in the league last year was actually the only women’s team debuting and that was the Minnesota Lady Freeze.  The team faced some pretty stiff competition in finishing 4th overall and doing very well @ the Nationals finishing runner up in Pool B.  With a high caliber team like that returning for this year, the league will definitely stand up and take notice.  Don’t under estimate them.  First analysis:  4th seed.

New York Lady Magpies (2-7, 4 points, Finish Rank:  7th)

One of the stalwart teams in the women’s division, the New York Lady Magpies struggled last year in both the regular season and in the Nationals, failing to win a game @ Austin and finishing 7th.  This coming season is going to be interesting for the Lady Magpies as they could strengthen.  First analysis:  6th seed.

Sacramento Suns (1-5, 4 points, Finish Rank:  8th)

The Sacramento Suns completed their 2nd season with an improving 1-5 and gave a battle with the San Francisco Iron Maiden.  However, their only win was at the Nationals to finish 5th in the Nationals.  This year will be more growing pains and should be improving for them in 2014.  First analysis:  5th seed.

San Francisco Iron Maiden (7-1, 20 points, Finish Rank:  2nd)

San Francisco came out with the fire and determination to dethrone the 2-time defending champion Lady Bulldogs.  And way the regular season went, if any team had beaten them @ Sacramento, a rare feat to do.  As the Nationals came to pass, they were seated as #2, behind the Bulldogs, which meant they wouldn’t face each other until the Grand Final.  Ironically enough, they did exactly that….and Denver took revenge of the loss and shutout the Iron Maiden 25-0.  The Iron Maiden have made sure that won’t happen in 2014 and will make sure of that as the majority of the team has returned.  Expect fireworks, especially at the Nationals….and a rematch of last year’s Nationals against Denver.  First analysis:  2nd seed.


If you didn’t notice, several teams are missing in the season review, most notably Arizona as they haven’t fielded a team in 2 years and Charleston as they didn’t field a team last year.  We hope that they will field in 2014, but there are too many unknowns on those two teams, so no preview was placed for them.  There are also a possibility that the Saint Louis Blues may field a team for the first time in 6 years as well.  A lot of questions…and a full season ahead of us as the ROAD TO DUBLIN begins….October 10-11.